Heavenly Hellebores

These easy to grow hardy perennials are a delight in the garden from winter to spring. The pure white blooms of the Christmas Rose (Helleborus niger) are equally suited to shady garden borders or containers for winter interest. They make a great addition to planted pots for Christmas gifts!

Flowering later, but far more enchanting for many, are the seductive blooms of the Lenten Rose (Helleborus orientalis). The subtle colours range from white to cream to lime to pink to purple to black or any combination of these, often with speckles. Flower forms may be single, double or semi-double. This species hybridises freely in the garden so you never know exactly what the blooms will be like until they reach flowering size. Named varieties must be propagated vegetatively so that they remain true to form, and thus are slightly more expensive to buy.

Hellebores prefer a partially shaded site with rich, well-drained soil. Often evergreen, they’re a worthwhile addition to any garden!





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