Happy Hostas!

Keep your hosta leaves happy and whole using slug control – organic & pet-friendly options available

Lovely hosta varieties currently available – £4.40 each or 3 for £12.50 – ‘Stained Glass’, ‘So Sweet’, ‘Guacamole’, ‘Wide Brim’, ‘Purple Heart’, ‘Queen Josephine’ and the giant-leaved form ‘Sum and Substance’ with leaves which may grown up to 1.2m/4′ long!

Stunning leafy plants ideal for damp, shady spots, elegant hostas come in a wide variety of leaf shades and sizes. Also known as plantain lilies, they’re suitable for garden borders or plant them in containers so they can be more easily protected from their arch enemies – slugs and snails!! If planted in pots water-retaining granules may be used to reduce the amount of watering required. In addition, they may be moved around the garden according to the season – a prominent location when in their prime and hidden away during the dormant winter season.

Select golden-leaved varieties for sunny sites, whilst blue-leaved forms perform best in shade. Known as the ‘friendship plant’ in the USA – when the leaf spikes of mature plants first appear in spring, hostas may be propagated by dividing the crowns and given away to friends – or planted in another location in your own garden!

Although mainly grown for their foliage, hostas have spikes of lilac or white flowers during the summer, and they’re often fragrant! Both leaves and flowers are great for arranging in floral displays.

Slug protection

We stock a wide range of products to protect your hosta leaves from slugs and snails from just £2.49. More here https://mouseholdgardencentre.wordpress.com/2019/04/09/spring-slug-and-snail-control/

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