Get ready for summer in the garden!

If you want to be prepared for summer come along and see what we’ve got in stock for you. Our usual excellent range of plants is available – see below for ideas!

JAPANESE MAPLES (Acer varieties) now in stock – dwarf forms for pots/small gardens.
ALPINES – 1 litre pots £2.50 or 3 for £7….. 9cm pots £1.65 or 5 for £8…..All full of bud and flower!
Fresh HERBS £1.50 each or 5 for £7 – great for the garden, pots, containers and baskets.
POND & BOG PLANTS – oxygenators, shallow and deep water marginals, water lillies, moisture-lovers.
HARDY PERENNIALS – from £2.40 each or 5 for £11 – incl. fresh stocks of bee and butterfly favourites!
FRUIT TREES & BUSHES – delicious fruit for eating fresh or making pies, tarts and preserves!
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