AUTUMN & WINTER pots…baskets…bedding 2019-2020

With careful planning, the garden can be full of interest all year round…

Now in stock – an excellent range of plants to provide interest throughout the cold, dark months of winter! Plant up hanging baskets, pots and containers now to provide much-needed winter cheer later in the season. Position them carefully so that they’re visible from inside the house when looking out and/or placed near front doors and garden paths so you and your house guests can enjoy them fully!

Small/slow-growing shrubs can be placed at the back or in the centre of pots and baskets to provide an evergreen structure while bulbs, bedding and trailing plants positioned around them provide autumn/winter/spring colour with flowers and decorative foliage. Next year the shrubs may be kept as the structural focus for summer displays, or, potted on into larger pots or into the garden to continue growing.

Once you’ve decided on plants for your baskets, beds and containers, pop inside the shop to pick up some late winter/spring-flowering bulbs for underplanting! Plant the bulbs among the bedding plants and they’ll grow throughout the winter, ready to give a great display next year. To extend the display even further, bulbs of the same variety may be double-planted, one layer below the other, the uppermost layer flowering first and the second layer a little later. Ideal bulbs include mini daffodils, crocus, anemone blanda, snowdrops and winter aconites, muscari, scilla sibirica and dwarf tulips (Red Riding Hood tulips also have great striped leaves for additional interest!) If you’re not sure what or how to plant – just ask our friendly staff for advice! (Alternatively, we can plant up your own or new pots for you.)

Bedding Plants

20-packs of pansies, primroses and polyanthus – £4.80.

10-packs and 6-packs of pansies, violas, bellis, myosotis (forget-me-nots), stocks and wallflowers – £1.99.

6-packs of primroses, polyanthus and native primroses – £2.25.

6-packs of sweet williams – £2.20.

6-packs of cowslips – £3.20.

Individual plants

9cm mini cyclamen – £1.40 each 5 for £6.50.

4-packs cyclamen – £3.50.

Trailing violas and pansies – £1.40 each or 5 for £6.50.

Pot pansies – 80p each or 5 for £3.60.

Pot wallflowers – £1.40 each or 5 for £6.50.

Ajuga, lamium, gaultheria, ornamental grasses & ferns – £2.99 each. ANY 5 FOR £14.40.

Trailing ivy – £1.10 each.

Chrysanthemum (10.5cm pots) – £1.40 each or 5 for £6.50.

Chrysanthemum (3 in 1 pot) – £1.99 each.

Alpines – £1.65 or 5 for £8.

Young shrubs – £1.99 each or 5 for £8.99.

As usual, we also have a great range of hanging baskets and liners; plastic, terracotta and glazed pots; stone garden tubs/urns as well as window boxes if needed!

Alys Fowler – winter basket ideas

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