Fresh Young Veg Plants

£1.99 tray of 10 plants.

Wide range available including: broad beans, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage in variety, pak choi, swiss chard, onions in variety, spinach, cauliflower in variety, turnips etc etc.

Trays of young plants are an excellent way to avoid the extra time and work involved in seed sowing, to fill any gaps or to fall back on if seed crops have failed. Don’t forget that certain varieties may need protection from pigeons, slugs/snails, frost etc. Many varieties are colourful and look great mixed with fruit, flowers and herbs in a French-style potager garden.

Old plastic bottles with the ends cut off make excellent mini cloches to protect individual plants from adverse weather and hungry wildlife, and horticultural fleece keeps the plants warmer when temperatures are low. Wire-hoop polythene or fleece cloches are also a great way to get a row of young plants off to a good start.

Throughout late winter and spring we’ll be having weekly deliveries of young veg, so come along and take a look at what we’ve got and start planning your kitchen garden.

RHS Guide to transplanting young veg plants

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