KIDS IN GARDENS Activity Ideas: 1

Running out of ideas to keep children occupied during lockdown? Make the most of the good weather and get them in the garden…

Fairy Offering Posy of Harebells to Elsie (photograph 4)



How did two young cousins, Elsie Wright (aged 16) and Frances Griffiths (aged 9), manage to fool Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the whole nation after taking photographs in their garden in 1917?

What did they admit to 66 years later in 1983?

Which photograph is your favourite? Why?

What do you think about the fifth and final Cottingley Fairy photograph? Who do you think told the truth – Elsie or Frances?

Else and Frances in 1917


After finding out about the Cottingley Fairies, get children to make their own fairies and photograph them in the garden or allotment. (Instead of fairies, children could draw/make/collage any type of creature/being they like and photograph them.) This activity could be extended by making up stories or poems for the characters they create. Make a handmade book to write the story and add the photos.

Simple bookbinding techniques for kids

Or make a digital book.

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