The Sweetest Strawberries…

Home-grown are the sweetest and the best…

Pack of 6 strawberry plants – just £4.40

The quintessential British summer fruit! There’ll be no Wimbledon this year, but there WILL be STRAWBERRIES!

Easy to grow, strawberries are a favourite crop for experienced and novice gardeners alike. Plant them in beds and borders in the garden/on the allotment or even in containers and hanging baskets. Choose a sunny sheltered site with fertile, well-drained soil and water them well during dry spells. Be sure to protect the flowers from any late frosts…you may find you need to protect the fruits from hungry birds too! Read the growing guide below and get going!

We currently have fresh supplies of the following varieties –

Rosie (Early Season) – The recommended successor to Honeyoye. Glossy red conical berries with an even shape and very good flavour.

Hapil (RHS AGM) (Early to mid-season) – Vigorous, heavy cropper with large, glossy berries. Good flavour. vigorous

Cambridge Favourite (RHS AGM) (Mid-season) – Traditional favourite with medium-sized soft berries and excellent flavour. A good producer of runners and excellent disease resistance.

Elsanta (Mid-season) – A widely-grown commercial cultivar with an excellent flavour and large crops of glossy, red fruit.

Red Gauntlet (Mid season) – A good variety for cloches. Often produces a small second crop in autumn. Fruit is well above the ground. Some resistance to Botrytis, A reliable and popular commercial variety, often planted on ‘pick-your-own’ farms.

Pegasus (RHS AGM) (Mid-late season)- – A good, reliable cropper with excellent disease resistance, (especially to mildew and verticillium wilt). Sweet, juicy, melting flesh.

Also available as single plants – ‘Cupid’ (Late season) – A delicious variety with a great flavour and outstanding disease resistance.  Does well on a wide range of soils and growing conditions. Produces heavy crops of sweet and juicy orange/red fruits.  Good resistance to Verticillium Wilt, Crown Rot, Black Spot and Powdery Mildew.  £1.50 each or 5 for £7.

Or try ready-planted strawberry hanging pots – just £8.99.

Strawberry mulch mats placed around the base of the plants will protect the crop from soil and rain splashes, keeping lower leaves and fruit clean and dry; suppress weeds; retain moisture AND help keep slugs sway!

RHS guide to growing strawberries

Containers for growing strawberries

The history of English strawberries

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