Coprosma repens ‘Scarlet O’Hara’ in summer.

Glossy evergreen foliage in stunning colours make Coprosmas (New Zealand laurel/looking-glass plant) a welcome addition to the garden in all seasons of the year, especially autumn/winter when their leaves redden in response to the cool temperatures. Their compact growth makes them ideal for small gardens or large pots on a patio or balcony, and tolerating salt-laden air makes them very suitable for coastal gardens.

To do well, Coprosmas need sun or partial shade and a site sheltered from cold winds. Natives of New Zealand and the Pacific, in very cold winters they may need some protection. Moderately fertile, neutral to acid, well-drained soil is ideal – if you’re planting them in pots then use ericaceous compost. In spring they may be lightly pruned to maintain their shape if necessary, and at the same time, give them a mulch of well-rotted leaf mould or composted bark/pine needles.

We currently have 4 varieties of Coprosma available, all in 5 litre pots, priced at £10.80.


Reputed to have the brightest foliage of all the Coprosmas – a delightful mixture of green, gold, red and orange, with intense red shades during the winter cold. Height and spread up to 1.5m x 1.5m (5′ x 5′) in 5-10 years.

Coprosma repens “Inferno” in summer.


Compact habit and golden yellow/lime green leaves with orange-rimmed wavy edges which turn dark orange shades in winter. Plant in a sunny, south or west-facing site. Height and spread 1-1.5m x 1-1.5m (3′-5′ x 3′-5′) in 5-10 years.

Coprosma repens “Pina Colada” in summer.

COPROSMA REPENS ‘SCARLET O’HARA’ (pictured at top of page)

Upright habit with leaves of red, orange and some green, turning to dark red/maroon in winter. Height and spread up to 1m x 1m (3′ x 3′) in 5-10 years.


Relatively compact with an upright habit and leaves a dazzling mix of green, creamy yellow, red and copper, changing to deep red/purple in winter. Height and spread 1.5m x 1.2m (5′ x 4′) in 5-10 years.

Coprosma repens ‘Pacific Dawn’ in summer.
Coprosma en masse at the garden centre.
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