Get Busy in the Vegetable Garden…Onions, Garlic, Peas and Beans



‘Senshyu Yellow’ loose onion sets – £1.40/250g or £1.99/400g

Produces good yields of semi-flat, yellow bulbs. They have a mild, sweet flavour and the young ones can be used as an alternative to spring onions in salads. Plant from September. Harvest late June – July.

‘Red Winter’ loose onion sets – £1.60/250g or £2.20/400g

Firm onions which store well with attractive red skins and a flattened globe shape. They have a fine sweet taste and can be used in salads or cooking. Plant from September. Harvest late May – end of June.

‘Radar’ onion sets – £1.99 pack of 50.

A popular variety with good bolt-resistance and very little winter kill. The long-necked bulbs have dark skin with white flesh. Excellent storage ability. Plant from September. Harvest from late May – June.

‘Electric’ onion sets – £1.99 pack of 50.

Lovely, elongated, red-skinned onions with red-ringed flesh. Ready to harvest in early summer. Great for salads and stir-fries, they survive the winter well. Plant from September.

How to plant onion sets for over-wintering


Marco – £2.99 pack of 3 bulbs.

French softneck variety with strong flavour and white skin.

Good for storing.

Thermidrome – £2.99 pack of 2 bulbs.

French softneck variety producing high yields.

White bulbs with beige cloves of medium flavour.

Good for early harvesting.

Germidour – £2.99 pack of 2 bulbs.

French softneck variety with mild flavour & violet cloves.

RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Topadrome – £2.99 pack of 2 bulbs.

French softneck variety. White bulbs with cream-coloured cloves.

Good for early harvesting and storing.

Elephant Garlic – £2.99 pack of 2 cloves.

Not a true garlic – more closely related to leeks.

GIANT CLOVES – with a mild garlic flavour!

Late additions:

LAUTREC WIGHT GARLIC – £2.99 – (Hardneck) Considered the finest garlic in France.

EARLY PURPLE WIGHT GARLIC – £2.99 – (Softneck) The first true garlic of the season…


No plastic & less waste. Weighed up on the premises in labelled paper bags – ready for planting!

100ml for just £1

BROAD BEAN ‘AQUADULCE CLAUDIA’ – Easy to grow and the best for autumn sowing. Long pods and white seeds. Bees love the flowers! RHS Award of Garden Merit.

PEA ‘DOUCE PROVENCE’ – Easy to grow first early variety with a long sowing period. Abundant crops of sweet, succulent peas on compact plants. A replacement for Feltham First. (Round seeds).

PEA ‘METEOR’ – Easy to grow first early variety producing dwarf plants with excellent winter hardiness and small, but well-filled pods. (Round seeds).

Round-seeded peas are hardy and useful for autumn/winter sowing. As the seeds are smooth they don’t hold water and rot in winter wet, as opposed to wrinkled peas, which do collect water and are best sown in spring.

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