SPOILT FOR CHOICE! We’ll have 53 varieties of certified Scottish seed potatoes for you this year – they’ll start arriving in December 2020 and, all being well, we’ll be fully stocked with each variety in early January 2021. Old favourites, new favourites, firm favourites! Whether you want to try something new or stick to what you know, read the list and start planning. Prices from £2.40/2kg. For anyone who doesn’t have much space or who wants to try something different, we’ll also have some varieties available in a small pack of 5 tubers for just £1.50.

Help yourself to one of the printed lists now available in the shop or you can read or DOWNLOAD YOUR UPDATED COPY HERE. SEED POTATO UPDATE JAN 2021 – Our supplier has had a crop failure of ‘Lady Christl’ (RHS AGM) this year. We’ve sourced another supplier and this variety will now be available in 2kg bags for £3.20, instead of £2.40 as originally advertised. We’re expecting delivery on 25th January. Supplies may be limited, so do order ahead if you want to be sure of getting them. ALSO – ‘Epicure’ & Carolus haven’t yet arrived – we’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE FEB 7th 2021 – Lady Christl still hasn’t arrived, but we’re assured by our alternative supplier that it’s coming. Epicure and Carolus also failed but an alternative supplier has, again, assured us that they can supply us. Unfortunately, orders of some other varieties which we have sold out of and were due to be replenished by our main supplier can now no longer be fulfilled. However, we have secured alternative supplies, although we will have to raise the price of these varieties – they will now be in 2.2kg bags at £3.20. (Please note that they have not yet arrived.)

UPDATE FEB 13th 2021 Our main supplier is not able to supply more Picasso at the moment so this should now be coming from one of our alternative suppliers in a 2.2kg bag at £3.20. WE’VE BEEN TOLD THAT OUT-OF-STOCK SEED POTATOES – DUNLUCE, FOREMOST, EPICURE, CAROLUS, WINSTON, PENTLAND CROWN AND PICASSO SHOULD BE ARRIVING ON THURSDAY 18TH FEBRUARY – WE’LL KEEP YOU POSTED!

UPDATE FEB 18th 2021 – FOREMOST, EPICURE, CAROLUS, WINSTON, PENTLAND CROWN AND PICASSO all arrived today in 2.2kg bags, £3.20 each (sorry – no Dunluce). Please be aware that many bags have been sold in advance, so to avoid disappointment, don’t leave it too long to come and buy. Alternatively, you can call and collect by paying with a card over the phone.

UPDATE MARCH 6th 2021 – LADY CHRISTL SEED POTATOES HAVE FINALLY ARRIVED! Apologies again for the delay due to widespread crop failure. We’ve had to buy them loose so are weighing them up on the premises – 2kg for £3.20. Limited stock!

We sincerely apologise for all the above changes, which have been beyond our control. Please be assured that we’ve done and continue to do all we can to maintain stocks of all the varieties we publicised at their original prices. Due to unprecedented demand this year if you are making a trip to the garden centre and are looking for specific varieties we suggest you call ahead to check we have stock.

Look out for varieties marked (AGM) on the list – these have been awarded the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit. This means they are reliable performers and particularly garden-worthy.

If you’re new to potato growing then the RHS has a very useful guide to help you get started. Consult other allotment-holders if you’ve just taken on an allotment to find out if any varieties do particularly well on the site, or if there are any common potato problems to be aware of. Then choose your varieties accordingly. For anyone keen to grow heirloom varieties which have stood the test of time and form a part of potato history see below where you’ll find dates of introduction ranging from 1850 to 1976.

For dry areas and sandy soils, cultivars with drought tolerance should be chosen: ‘Cara’, ‘Desiree’, ‘Estima’, ‘Kestrel’, ‘Marfona’, ‘Maris Piper’, ‘Picasso’, ‘Rooster’, ‘Sarpo Mira’, ‘Stemster’, ‘Ulster Prince’, ‘Valor’ & ‘Winston’.

Slug-resistant cultivars: ‘Charlotte’, ‘Estima’, ‘Kestrel’, ‘Stemster’ and ‘Wilja’.

Scab-resistant cultivars: ‘Accord’, Arran Pilot’, ‘Wilja’, ‘Charlotte’, ‘Dunluce’, ‘King Edward’, ‘Maris Peer’, ‘Nadine’, ‘Nicola’, ‘Pentland Crown’, ‘Pentland Javelin’, ‘Setanta’, ‘Ulster Prince’, ‘Ulster Sceptre’ & ‘Vivaldi’.

Blight-resistant cultivars: ‘Carolus’, ‘Orla’, ‘Sarpo Mira’, ‘Setanta’, ‘Nicola’, ‘Cara’, ‘Ulster Sceptre’ & ‘Valor’.

Cultivars particularly good for growing in containers or potato bags: ‘Casablanca’, ‘Belle de Fontenay’, ‘Maris Bard’, ‘Lady Christl’, ‘Jazzy’, ‘Charlotte’, ‘Ratte’ & ‘Vivaldi’. Read about the RHS potatoes in bags trials here.

Heritage Varieties and dates of introduction: ‘Arran Pilot’ (1930), ‘Belle de Fontenay’ (1885), ‘Duke of York’ (1891), ‘Dunluce’ (1976), ‘Epicure’ (1897), ‘Foremost’ (1954), ‘International Kidney’ (1879), ‘King Edward’ (1902), ‘Majestic’ (1911), ‘Maris Piper’ (1966), ‘Pentland Javelin’ (1968), ‘Pink Fir Apple’ (1850), ‘Ratte’ (1872), ‘Red Duke of York’ (1942), ‘Ulster Prince’ (1947), ‘Ulster Sceptre’ (1964).

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