More POND PLANTS in stock!

APRIL 2021 – Fresh stock has arrived, including WATERLILIES! We currently have oxygenators and marginal/bog plants from £2.99, but predominantly in £3.65 and £5.99 price bands. Bunched oxygenators are £1.50/bunch or 5 bunches for £7. Waterlilies are available from £21.20. Ramshorn and Trapdoor snails £1.20 each. Floating barley straw baskets to help keep the pond water clear without using chemicals are £3.99 (available inside the shop). Throughout the spring/early summer we usually have pond plant deliveries every couple of weeks or so, so if there’s something in particular you’re looking for then please let us know. There has been a shortage of aquatic soil this year but we hope to have it back in stock some time in May.

REMEMBER – making a wildlife pond is one of the best features you can add to your garden to attract wildlife – so if you don’t already have one, what are you waiting for? Easy-to-follow instructions are available to make simple wildlife ponds for even the smallest of gardens – see our March 2021 post PROJECT: WILDLIFE POND to find out how, which also includes an introduction to the different types of pond plants available.

Marginal plants for shallow water or damp ground at the edge of the pond.
Not only do marginal pond plants look good, they can provide food for pollinators and cover for other forms of wildlife.
These wildlife contour baskets are ready-planted – just pop them in the pond!
CALTHA PALUSTRIS (Marsh marigold) is excellent for pollinating insects.
EQUISETUM HYEMALE has stunning, upright stems.
The pretty, pink-tinged foliage of OENANTHE JAVANICA ‘FLAMINGO’ in the foreground with the striped, erect stems of EQUISETUM HYEMALE behind.
Oenanthe javanica ‘Flamingo’ may be grown in the pond or in damp ground. It prefers partial shade.
Oxygenating plants have a range of different leaf forms and textures.
Oxygenating plants
We have WATERLILIES (Nymphaea) of different colours in special packs, ready to take home.
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