Treat Yourself to…Asparagus

NOW IN STOCK (April 2021)

ASPARAGUS CROWNS – F1 ‘PORTLIM’ – £1.50 each or 5 for £7

These loose, one-year-old F1 Portlim asparagus crowns are on sale now.

‘PORTLIM’ F1 is an excellent, all-male variety which produces high yields of large tasty spears with tight tips, even in the warmest of weather. (Planting density – 4 crowns per metre.)

Cultivated as far back as the first century AD in ancient Rome, and coming to Britain from France in the 17th century, the asparagus season here in the UK is short…but delicious!

It’s worth investing time in your asparagus bed – it’s a long-term crop that will pay dividends if you plant carefully and prepare well. One year old dormant crowns are the easiest way to establish asparagus. Ideal grown in a sunny position (though tolerates light shade) with fertile, well-drained soil. Add compost or well-rotted manure to the soil and always make sure you weed by hand, to avoid damaging the roots. The crowns should be planted on ridges or mounds of soil with the tips just showing and the delicate roots gently spread to ensure they don’t break. Follow the RHS Asparagus growing and harvesting guide to get the best out of your crop.

Remember – the crowns should not be harvested for the first two years after planting. It’s important that all the energy of the plant goes into establishing a strong healthy root system in order to crop well for the next 25 years!! In year 3 the spears may be harvested from mid-April for about six weeks. In subsequent years they may be harvested for about eight weeks from mid-April.

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